Phil "Pudgy" Cerra

In 1977, Phil "Pudgy" Cerra started his first business in Central Park Mall, Chicago. Phil operated Pudgy's Hot Dogs for 10 years. The Chicago style Pudgy's Hot Dogs used a Vienna brand hot dog with added mustard, relish, onion, tomato, cucumber and celery salt for a delectable Chicago taste.

Years later, back in Omaha, Phil and daughter, Ellen, spent every Saturday night for about three months making pizzas to perfect the taste. Friends, nieces and nephews served as the "official" tasters. After those initial tries, it took about eight months to perfect the thick deep dish Chicago style pizza now available at Pudgy's.

Phil's goal was to create a Chicago neighborhood pizzeria in an Omaha neighborhood. Pudgy's is now located out west at 168th and Harrison. The personal touch is enhanced by the Chicago mural, painted by artist daughter Amy.

Visit Pudgy's and you won't be a stranger. Phil's personal interest in all customers will make you feel right at home!